Assists, Ringmasters & Billposters: Useful Links!

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Assists, Ringmasters & Billposters: Useful Links!

Postby ciaran_chan » Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:36 pm

Hello, and welcome to the Assists, Ringmasters & Billposters forum.

This forum is a little special as people seem to think you post here to get assistance with whatever they need help with, even if it doesn't have to do anything with the Assist class. This forum is only for things to do with the Assist classes. Not for you to get assistance in other things.
Before posting, make sure you read the forum rules. For Rules & Conduct go here.

Try not to post multiply threads. Check through the links in this thread or use the search option before posting a new thread.


Assist Job Change (June '08) ... _Job_Quest

Assist Skills Explained (Feb. '06)

Assist Leveling Guide (with pictures) (Nov. '05)


Ringmaster Job Change ... _Job_Quest

Ringmaster Build - Dexterity (Dec. '08)

Ringmaster Build - Full Support (In-Depth Version) (May '08)

Ringmaster Build - Full Support (Compact Version) (Oct. '07)

Pastry's Guide to the Full Support Ringmaster (Feb. '09)

Ringmaster Build - Battle (Version 9 Compatible) (Mar. '08)

Ringmaster Build - AoE (MerCrack) (Sept. '08)


BillposterJob Change ... _Job_Quest

Billposter Builds (Feb. '07) (Feb. '09)

1v1 Billposter Guide v13 (July '09)

General Billposter Information (May '09)

Compilation of Billposter and Ringmaster Builds [v12] (Feb. '09)

Buff & Combat skills information and there effects and requirements (June '07)

Skills of Assists, Ringmaster and Billposters. (Mar. '09)

Attack Speed Breaks for Assists (Assist 2nd jobs as well) (July '06)

Level 60/75/90/105 Rares '06) '06)

Overall Assist Guides (Sept. '08)

FlyFF Character Simulation

How to get to Segho. Job change NPC. '09)
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