Account Recovery Options: ID, Password, Email, Bank Pin

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Account Recovery Options: ID, Password, Email, Bank Pin

Postby LyricMoon » Mon Jun 20, 2011 5:22 pm

Due to the high volume of email requests for assistance with account recovery, the FlyFF Web Team has put together a new profile recovery page. You can access it [url]HERE[/url]. On this page, you can use your email address to recover your account ID, or your account ID to access a PARTIAL email address (useful to jog your memory but not exposing the entire email address to prying eyes).

If you have forgotten your password or need to reset your password after the Gala-Net reset, use the [url]Password Reset Page[/url]. You will need to have access to your email address in order to complete the password recovery process. (Please note: Gala-Net has suspended the Forced Password Reset process; however, there may be people out there who still have accounts that were reset in the past.)

If you do NOT have access to the email address that is registered to the account, I suggest you rectify this as soon as possible by sending an email (from the address to which you wish to have the account registered) to the GMs at You will need to provide proof of ownership of the account in order to have the GMs change your email address to a new one.


If you have forgotten your Bank Pin, first try 0000, as this is the default pin. If you created a bank pin with your character, and cannot remember it, you will need to email the GMs to have it reset. Again, you will need to provide proof of ownership of the account in order to have the GMs reset your Bank Pin.

Proof of ownership can be given using the following information:
Kooro wrote:

Account ID:
Account's registered email address:
Account's registration date:
IP address [visit OR (NOTE THE EXACT SPELLING) to get your IP number] :

Registered full name:
Registered date of birth:
Registered physical mailing address (Street address):
Secret question and answer:

Also do be sure to tell us the character name(s) on the account and the server they are on, and which character's PIN you need!

Please keep in mind that the email volume that the GMs are managing at the moment is EXPONENTIALLY larger than normal. It may take some time to get to everyone in the queue, so if you are able to get the information you need through other means, please make the attempt. The GMs are working very hard to get to everyone in a timely manner but there is only so much they can do. Please keep this in mind, and be patient.

Again, the email to which you mail the GMs Sending a forum pm to me or to any other moderator is only going to cause you a delay, as we, the moderators, have no power to help you with your account. The only ones who have any power to help you with this issue are the GMs, and they will only respond if you submit a ticket, either by email or by the on-site ticketing system. Please do not send forum pms. Posting your issue on the forums will equally delay help for your issue, as you will be pointed to this topic for instructions.
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